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mimm-logomusic is medicine. it connects people. it uplifts the spirit. and it rocks! we created Music Is My Medicine to allow everyone to share this passion. it began as a collection of jam sessions between close friends, turned into iTunes podcast series, and evolved into an online presence with thousands of followers. groove with us at Music Is My Medicine, and follow us on facebook and twitter. post up your favorite bands, upcoming shows, or showcase your own talent!

below are zonabi posts related to music

  • automagically post soundcloud likes into wordpress with the new wordpress, soundcloud integration has been added to the oEmbed automatic linking, which is similar to the way facebook will auto link with a preview. in wordpress, you must use the shortlink embed code. this means you can link to soundcloud songs or pages, and have the mini player embed itself automatically. pretty neat, ...
  • itunes spelled backwards have you ever wanted to simply pull a song from your iphone onto your computer, but had the rude awakening that you cannot do such a simply task? yea, thanks apple for locking your devices down so hard we can’t even grab our own songs off our own phone to put on our own ...

and here are posts from our sister site, Music Is My Medicine

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