religion and spirituality are sensitive topics, and each person is entitled to their own views. many people share a belief in higher powers such as God and find great comfort and insight by understanding and learning more about the spirit. life is such an incredible accomplishment on infinite scales, from the smallest bug to the largest stars, that it is easy to see invisible forces that help move things along. here we wish to share lessons we have learned, topics that interest us, and practices such as meditation and QiGong, that have helped us throughout our lives. note: please be respectful in any comments.

  • the importance of talking to your baby the difference in total words heard by babies and its effects on their development is startling. for quite some time we have known there exists a gap in academic levels between children in the 3 main socioeconomic classes (poor, working-class, professional). and many theories have been suggested, too much lead? lack of self-control? high-stress? lack ...
  • dream about our departed friend russell we had a friend, russell, from high school who toured in the army and had started a family. unfortunately, he ended up taking his own life during a depression or PTSD. a few weeks later, he visited one of my dreams, and these are the notes: had a dream about/with russell. we were in some house ...

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