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Ballpark Mystery :: Top Dodge

Today was incredible, intense. And hard.

We are a young family visiting from Austin texas. 4 of us, parents in early 30s and 6yo boy 3yo girl ( she’s gonna be 4 in less than a month)

Today was quite an eventful day. It might sound intense at times and maybe a curse word or two to really emphasize and color the emotions we felt (I really don’t curse often or at least try not to) but it was a powerful day that really tested us all. And we rocked, it was excellent t things turned it great and we are super super .

Maybe I can fill in the first half of the day some other time. Let me write what is fresh on my mind in you don’t mind. Today, We went tot he dodgers game. Or should I say Tonight? I dont know,


Edit: trying To publish this experience and the tech keeps messing up and deleting half the story. I’m trying hard. It’s got typos and error but I will fix it later!

We started our path to he game in the daytime at least, so lets’s go with that for narration purposes. Uber dropped us off too far from the stadium entrance.. We had to walk up thto hills . (Wtf Uber educate your drivers he also said it doesn’t say the actual
Location wTF). We then really had to use the restroom. I got In wrong line and didn’t buy tickets  yet. Asked if we can use restroom real quick and then buy tickets it’s an emergency y. Nope. Next person. Nope – passes me off to the security guard. Guard hears us out and asks for my aiD and tells those jerks to let us in real quick. So he finally does. Those two gatekeeper people working at ththe stadium really hurt my son’s and I’s feelings. They were so mean to us in a time of need and denied us a basic human right: a ducking toilet for a six year old boy from Austin Texas. With y’all. WTF. ‘Murica or some stupid ass hashtag? Get real. That’s like just the tip of the iceberg of our adventures (misadventures) trying to get my baseball fan son to an LA dodgers game!!! Before you think that is a pure rant and negative- en contrare. It turned out great in the end even if t wa s a very intense and rushed day with lots of emotions . Here’s the silver lining. Some really beautiful people stepped forward and helped us in a time of need , even as small or insignificant it might be in the grand scheme
If things. I admits it’s 1st world probl ms.

So, back to tththe story. Finally we got in to use tta test restrooms, have not bought  comets yet, the guard has my Texas drivers list ese. As we start walking in, another worker is starting to unpack a new box of je bobbl head tiveaways! Yes! My son is excited. He’s about to hand my sonone as we walk in when – I am not making this up – the same freaking dude who did not want to let us in – jumps out of left field and stops the then dude from giving my son a bobble head toy free giveaway. Can you ducking beloved this? It honestly happens. A grown man stole a ducking toy from my son in front of my eyes and I kind of couldn’t do anything g about it. Wow. I should have socked him, really. The fucking decency or lack there of was incredible. But my son and I took a breath and pushed onward. We were abo t to shit our pants actually and we almost forgot about it. So we do our business a and head back out to buy our tickets properly. Everyone had told us to go buy tickets from some little machine that even I could see from 100 yards away was not working. I said the machine Spears to be off and they ignored me.

We had to walk down around the stadiu
Down about let’s say 200 steps maybe. We are already tired and semi defeated, it’s about 7:45pm now which means 9:45pm austin time aka my sons is way past bedtime but we really wanna see  his game and field for he first time!!!

We go down there buy tickets – the lady at the ticket booth was real cool and calm and helpful.

Then we headed back up to the entrance to enter legitimately. Ah, the security guard had saw us using the messed up ticket machine outside the thats a while ago and retuhe Nes my ID. I mentioned about h bobble heads he didn’t care. But banks for your help this far mr security guard that was nice.

Back there now we have tickets and are entering the La dodgers game.

I apo
. Now we finally get in. Unfortunately the bobble heads were all out by that time (about 8:25 now) but we take a breathe and head in. My son and I have already stopped to talk about how rushed and fast, anxious everything is in LA. I tell him I know and I agree. And that we are only here for a few days.

We finally can walk in and see the game! Cool! My soon and I were too keyed up from the series of unfortunate events to even sit dow. And watch the game. I freaking kicked my soda all over a group of beautiful LA people, and they wouldn’t even use my special handkerchief to clean up

My son looks so scared and spent already. But here we were and it was still pretty epic.

I guess you could say this is where things finally began balancing out kind of, or at least for a little
BitS but we remained keyed up for dang near the entire night and I and still up awake keyed up at 1:03 while the family
Is asleep. (Now it’s 1:36 as I re-read and edit my rant)

It was all too intmuch Nes for us after what had happened so we bounced around fro
Seats to reaching out back to getting snacks.

Cop was
Nice, gave chep a card

Told us about family days and fireworks and that the aastros are coming this weekend No WAY

Uber rider
Lyft app messed up charged me for ride we didn’t take and cancelled my reservation in the most busy and crazy clusterfuxk of a moment after the game ever.

3 or 4 beautiful people helped us out. An older couple routing for the brewery’s we’re trying to charge their phone at the Uber parking lot. We started talking and they said an Uber rep helped them right around the corner.  They offered
To go get that person. Who helped hem
So I said yes please. She was the most helpful
Person and helped us calm down and install Uber, get on a better WiFi router for internet. Etc. On point. Bless your soul you rocked. So there we goyft ain’t working so let’s try Uber. For some reason it’s not installed on my phone anywhere, gotta reinstall it in this cluster-F of people, networks, cars, and hdhdhfbfjfmejdjfjfjj. Ok it installs, gotta sign in, doesn’t work reset password that email isn’t on this phone anymore great. Ok try Lyft again about 5 time bales doesn’t work. Son is looking desperate like he wants
To collapse and lay down on the aslphauly accommodations we have as we wait for this awesome 21st century instamt car service to instantly
Pick up my instant self and my son. Super rich companies and here we are In LA right why can’t they put a bench or something for someone e to rest their tired feet and melted fried goodfornothing brain for about a hot minute. Is that a good way to use the term
Hot minute? Texas twang y’all.

Anyway no bench just this tall tube of light that says Uber. Real
It was useful to spot from afar tho. Would rather have a couple simple
Benches tbh. Anyway time is elapsing of course since we are time traveling beings at our core. Uber I can’t reset password. Finally Lyft works I even
Tried order wrong the most gangster high-end car or driver still didn’t work. We basically had to wait, mind you that I had made a reservation with Lyft and I’m guessing someone got in and took our ride , we had to wait 20iwh minutes for the crowd to die down before Lyft finally worked and I was able to book a Lyft Pool ride – the one where you share the car with some strangers beyond he stranger driver and his hands you are putting your life into and anyone you’re resp mainly for.

We take
More breaths and we catch up with the older couple who help d us. I say Lyft finally worked and good luck to theme they were so sweet. Now we head to the “rideshare riders awaiting confirmed and arrived drivers”
Staging area. Good feels like we are gonna make it after all.

As we walk that way we see he kind soul who helped us on WiFi and register for Uber (note the conpanies for a second here, then feel free to ignore the companies afterward)

We stopped to thank her basically
And had to admit that we didn’t end up using Uber. It she was instrumental in calming us down and helping us get a car eventually somehow. She was super coool about it.

Another person at the staging site was cool. Priced Jose’s UT Texas cap.

The ride on way back was a trip too

Rode with – kid you not- people who work for pioneer DJ equipment in sales and marketing.

Talked some aw some talk about gear and new ideas.

Ok back to baseball (skipping around


We didn’t get bobble heads. I asked where guest services is, I really felt wronged by the stadium and its workers and wanted to give the people here a chance to make it right. Eventually I was lead to fan services after explaining about 35% of the story above (cen the embarrassing parts) three times

Fan services – we kept a smile and I’ve been committed
To bringing joy everywhere I go to everyone really. So I remain conversational or maybe it’s the sativa high grade wonderful 0.5g of cannabis oil I had to stash away outside the stadium.

They we’re so cool. Dude Omar or something pretends to break fance✌They hear the story and they feel us, they are moved and at hold on let me see something


to be continued