djZonabi_podcastLogo02 zonabidesign was created around 2000 when i began my career as a graphic designer and web developer. truth be told, i began learning how to create website and graphics at around age 15. it has been a privilege to work with talented people in companies such as GSD&M, Razorfish, Coloring Book Studio, Sapling Learning, ShoeHorn Design, Enspire Learning; and to collaborate on projects for clients such as BMW, American Legacy, Hallmark, Chili’s, US Air Force, John Deere, L.L. Bean.  check out the professional site at if interested, feel free to forward it to anyone 🙂

below are articles posted related to design.

  • ::ASTRAL::CHAKRA::PLANES:: An evocative piece casting esoteric concepts of chakra energy systems onto individual astral planes :: Useful as meditative fuel, primed for visualization and manifestation, or just a downright beautiful piece of psychedelic crypto art Each plane expresses an energy signature in its texture, pattern, color :: An orb of energy floating in the center provides a spinal connection vertically (is it ...
  • cinematographers to check out not sure where this list came from, found it in some old notes in EverNote: 1. Christopher Doyle 2. Roger Deakins 3. Darius Khondji 4. Emmanuel Lubezki 5. Robert Richardson 6. Robby Muller 7. Michael Ballhaus 8. Robert Yeoman 9. Wally Pfister 10. Tak Fujimoto Honorable Mention: Slawomir Idziak; Chris Menges; Andrij Prekh

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