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Project Noah – wildlife sightings


Project Noah is a great modern website made for tracking and documenting (photographing) wildlife. It is about scientific identification of organisms. it’s fun to just cruise the site and see all the photos of the amazing creatures that share the planet with us. the community on Project Noah is top-notch as well, very helpful people eager to help you identify that weird looking bug you snapped. it features geo-tagging as well. check it out! there’s some beautiful beings out there!

Project Noah


Pictured here is a Puerto Rican Tody (Todus Mexicanus) photographed by Karla Morales. Her caption follows: “This tody is endemic to Puerto Rico island. Despite is scientific name.I It is commonly known as “San Pedrito.” Is my favorite bird, hard to photograph. It can be seen throughout on the island preferably in forests. Eats insects.”