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An evocative piece casting esoteric concepts of chakra energy systems onto individual astral planes :: Useful as meditative fuel, primed for visualization and manifestation, or just a downright beautiful piece of psychedelic crypto art

Each plane expresses an energy signature in its texture, pattern, color :: An orb of energy floating in the center provides a spinal connection vertically (is it human, or a world, or both?) :: notice how the astral planes progress upwards—becoming less organic and more structured and geometric ::

Created with a unique process blending meditation, visualization, and generative art—this piece is imbued at several levels with manifestation energy and all-around positive vibes.

4444px ∞ 7777px bonus unlockable content :: hi resolution TIFF file + hi-resolution images of each chakra plane

starting from the bottom name :: color :: location :: signature

  1. root :: red :: base spine :: foundation
  2. sacral :: orange :: below navel :: creative
  3. solar plexus :: yellow :: below chest :: willpower
  4. heart :: green :: center chest :: love
  5. throat :: light blue :: neck :: communication
  6. third eye :: indigo :: between eyebrows :: intuition
  7. crown :: violet :: top of head :: divine connection
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automagically post soundcloud likes into wordpress

with the new wordpress, soundcloud integration has been added to the oEmbed automatic linking, which is similar to the way facebook will auto link with a preview. in wordpress, you must use the shortlink embed code.

this means you can link to soundcloud songs or pages, and have the mini player embed itself automatically. pretty neat, and almost expected these days on the web.

but what if you want to take it a step further? we wanted to have our soundcloud activity (such as liking a song) automatically post a new entry on our Music Is My Medicine website everytime, without needed to do any work. we thought there would be a plugin to accomplish this, and maybe there is, but instead we ran across this very interesting and awesome “code recipe” that integrates it and does all the work for you! you sign in to wordpress and soundcloud to give the recipe access, then setup the variables, and voila–it is enabled and running for you. the true definition of “automagically”

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 11.42.12 PM

use your phone as a game controller for computer

geek for the win! found a nice app that turns your iPhone into a bluetooth game controller for your computer. came in useful when we were trying out the game castle crashers on steam. you download the free app, install its counterpart on the computer, and sync them up. you can pick and program various controllers like SNES, Genesis, and N64.

check it out:

itunes spelled backwards

have you ever wanted to simply pull a song from your iphone onto your computer, but had the rude awakening that you cannot do such a simply task? yea, thanks apple for locking your devices down so hard we can’t even grab our own songs off our own phone to put on our own computers. well, fret no more–senuti (itunes spelled backwards, lol) is a program that lets you snag songs right off your iDevices with no questions asked. it comes with a free 30-day trial, well worth the money, and damn skippy slick. for example, had our neighbors over this evening, he showed me some awesome “50 years of Reggae” album he just got on his phone, which he wanted to share with me. he said he’d bring the CD over later (which he had rented from our public library), but better than waiting, we just plugged in his iphone to my laptop and via senuti we pulled the entire album (and then some) within 5 minutes. take that, apple! (opens in new window)


how we got our iPhone 5s the next day

one does not simply…buy an iPhone5

as people may be aware, it’s been somewhat hard to simply walk in to an Apple store and purchase the new iPhone5. the demand has been crazy and they are having a hard time keeping up stock. you may get lucky, but most people are turned down. well, here’s the way we bought our phones and got them the next day.

every night, the online apple store enables iPhone 5 purchases at exactly 10pm. before that you are redirected to a reservation page and orders ship in 3-4 weeks. if you cannot wait that long, here’s the trick.

right at 10pm, on the dot, log into at 10 a new “buy now” button will appear on the page, click it and place your order quick. now, on the checkout page, instead of having them ship in in 3-4 weeks, click “in-store pickup.” a pop-up with overlay and you punch in your zip code, and it will show the apple stores nearby. they will probably say “out of stock.” that’s ok, it happened to us too. you just close that zip-code overlay and try again: click in-store pickup and put in zip code again. it will likely stay out of stock until a few minutes have passed and their new iPhone5 inventory has been updated. finally, a store should pop in green and say “available” – click it quick and complete your order! be sure to double check everything, but also keep in mind they are going fast like hot cakes and may not stay available for more than 5-10 minutes.

crazy, yes, but it can be done. hopefully the short supply won’t be a problem much longer, but if not, this may help some of you snag up that sweet phone.